Quote of the Week

“morning checklist

is your heart tied in with double knots? are the windows locked? is your hair almost combed? is the sun wide open? are you sturdy? are you whole? did you pour the warm inside? did you feed the fish in your belly? did you lick the envelopes? did you say “i love you”? did you mean it? are you ready? are you ready?”

nobodysflower on tumblr


Quote of the Week

“I try to express how I feel,
But it changes every day, and so I’m finding it hard.”

Kate Nash, Take Me To A Higher Plane

Quote of the Week

“I close my eyes ’cause then I don’t see
the love you don’t feel when you’re home with me.
Morning will come, and I’ll do what’s right;
just give me till then to give up this fight.
I will give up this fight.

‘Cause I can’t make you love me if you don’t.”

Adele, I Can’t Make You Love Me cover

Quote of the Week

“But maybe…

You will forget all of this
and learn to speak and think 
and become a woman.

And think thoughts that will change what comes out of your mouth.
Thoughts like:

If words are our weapons, we must ask ourselves, why should we use rocks and sticks when we have tanks available?

And you will know how to answer”

Isabel Quintero

Quote of the Week

I hope that in the future they invent a small golden light that follows you everywhere and when something is about to end, it shines brightly so you know it’s about to end. And if you’re never going to see someone again, it’ll shine brightly and both of you can be polite and say, ‘It was nice to have you in my life while I did, good luck with everything that happens after now.’

And maybe if you’re never going to eat at the same restaurant again, it’ll shine and you can order everything off the menu you’ve never tried. Maybe, if someone’s about to buy your car, the light will shine and you can take it for one last spin.

Maybe, if you’re with a group of friends who’ll never be together again, all your lights will shine at the same time and you’ll know, and then you can hold each other and whisper, ‘This was so good. Oh my God, this was so good.’

Iain Thomas

Quote of the Week

Here’s the truth: friendships between women are often the deepest and most profound love stories, but there are often discussed as if they are ancillary, ‘bonus’ relationships to the truly important ones.

Women’s friendships outlast jobs, parents, husbands, boyfriends, lovers, and sometimes children…it’s possible to transcend the limits of your skin in a friendship…

This kind of friendship is not a frivolous connection, a supplementary relationship to the ones we’re taught and told are primary – spouses, children, parents. It is love…support, salvation, transformation, life: this is what women give to one another when they are true friends, soul friends.

Emily Rapp