Shadowhunters: Netflix Up

Episode 9 is here. Well, it’s been here and gone and we’re now on ep 12. I’ve had a lot of uni deadlines, so that’s my excuse for the slow updates.

Also, because we’ve broken up for the Easter holidays, I won’t be able to watch episodes 11 through 13 until mid-April, because I watch it with my Netflix-account-holding housemates. I have a review for episode 10 to write up but after that it’ll be a couple of weeks before the next one.

Spoilers under the cut.
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Doctor What

The idea behind this post is nothing new or original, but after watching Doctor Who (first broadcast 19/09/15, BBC One) I just felt like… what?

Let me preface this post by saying: I like Doctor Who. It’s often a good show. Ten is my Doctor; his episodes were on when I first started watching it. I dipped in and out of Eleven’s episodes, and watched Twelve’s last year because I had a reliable wifi connection at uni for viewing on catch up. I think the show is interesting and I’ll watch it if it’s on, but I wouldn’t say I’m particularly a True Fan.

Here are my thoughts on The Magician’s Apprentice (episode one, series nine)*.

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