Shadowhunters: Netflix Up

Episode 9 is here. Well, it’s been here and gone and we’re now on ep 12. I’ve had a lot of uni deadlines, so that’s my excuse for the slow updates.

Also, because we’ve broken up for the Easter holidays, I won’t be able to watch episodes 11 through 13 until mid-April, because I watch it with my Netflix-account-holding housemates. I have a review for episode 10 to write up but after that it’ll be a couple of weeks before the next one.

Spoilers under the cut.
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Mockingjay Pt 2: The Girl On Wordpress

I went to see Mockingjay Pt 2 yesterday. Since I did a review for SPECTRE, the new Bond film (almost a month ago, whoops), I thought to myself, ‘why not do one for Mockingjay?’ In the same vein as the other review, this is more like an incoherent jumble of thoughts. Sorry.

Also – big apologies about the lack of Linguistish posts. I had a big long draft about IPA saved and then WordPress went and ate it and I cried and I was in the bath.

Spoilers ahead!

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SPECTRE: The Writing’s On The Blog

I went to see the latest James Bond film, Spectre, yesterday evening. I sort of grew up watching Bond films, something I’d do with my Dad when I would visit him at the weekend. It got a bit excruciating as I got older and realised what some of the scenes were about, but he was always there to tell me when to look away if there were any sharks around.

Anyway, here, in a completely unorganised way, is my brain dump of thoughts on Spectre (spoilers ahead!):

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Doctor What

The idea behind this post is nothing new or original, but after watching Doctor Who (first broadcast 19/09/15, BBC One) I just felt like… what?

Let me preface this post by saying: I like Doctor Who. It’s often a good show. Ten is my Doctor; his episodes were on when I first started watching it. I dipped in and out of Eleven’s episodes, and watched Twelve’s last year because I had a reliable wifi connection at uni for viewing on catch up. I think the show is interesting and I’ll watch it if it’s on, but I wouldn’t say I’m particularly a True Fan.

Here are my thoughts on The Magician’s Apprentice (episode one, series nine)*.

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