Absentee Bloggers

My God, am I a bad person. It’s been a while, right?

I have excuses.

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Linguistish: Phonation Phonahtion

So because I am a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad person, this is my first Linguistish post in donkeys years, and for that I profusely apologise. This is actually a revision thing for me, as I have a phonetics exam coming up and need to understand how phonation works, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and everything.

I also have now watched all of Shadowhunters, so I have some reviews of that to do. Hurrah!

On with the post.

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Charlotte’s Life, or, blog keeping

So, state of the blog:

My 2nd year uni exams are now scarily close so I probably won’t be able to keep up with my posts as much as I’d like – I have to prioritise.

That said, I have three episodes of Shadowhunters to review (and a round-up of the season), plus at least one more book from my 2016 Reading Challenge. There will also be the regular quote of the week posts popping up!

Once my exams are finished I will be able to do some more posts – I’ll have some Linguistish ones to write. In fact, I might even make some as revision…

I’ll probably be on Twitter a little more than I am here on WordPress, if you’re interested.

See you next time!

A Pledge, I Pledge

So, the moral of the story is: no one should ever let me run a blog. Who thought that was a good idea?

I wouldn’t be surprised if tumbleweeds start drifting through the pages of charlottewebs, to be honest.

But fear not!

2016 is a new year and a new leaf of code in the HTML book of blogging. And I shall do better. Henceforth, I shall do better.

That was a pledge, in case you missed it.

As well as returning to my Linguistish posts, I’ll be undertaking this reading challenge and scribbling down my thoughts on each book. I didn’t read that much in 2015 (my Goodreads Book Challenge slowly decreased from an ambitious 52 down to a lacklustre ‘at least get into double figures, Charlotte?’) and want to work on that.

So there should be more coins in my blog’s coffers come this time next year.

(Resolution for 2017: stop using so many terrible metaphors.)

Mockingjay Pt 2: The Girl On Wordpress

I went to see Mockingjay Pt 2 yesterday. Since I did a review for SPECTRE, the new Bond film (almost a month ago, whoops), I thought to myself, ‘why not do one for Mockingjay?’ In the same vein as the other review, this is more like an incoherent jumble of thoughts. Sorry.

Also – big apologies about the lack of Linguistish posts. I had a big long draft about IPA saved and then WordPress went and ate it and I cried and I was in the bath.

Spoilers ahead!

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SPECTRE: The Writing’s On The Blog

I went to see the latest James Bond film, Spectre, yesterday evening. I sort of grew up watching Bond films, something I’d do with my Dad when I would visit him at the weekend. It got a bit excruciating as I got older and realised what some of the scenes were about, but he was always there to tell me when to look away if there were any sharks around.

Anyway, here, in a completely unorganised way, is my brain dump of thoughts on Spectre (spoilers ahead!):

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Twenty Nine Things I Learnt In My First Year At Uni

September 1st: the day people who are anything like me start panicking about going to uni, and wondering if being packed up since the middle of August was enough preparation.

I don’t feel like I know very much in the grand scheme of things, but I did manage to survive my first year of university, so I thought I’d impart some wisdom. I got the idea of sharing from this Tumblr post I saw at just the right time last year. It stopped me worrying so much I even printed it off and pinned it on my pin board when I moved in to my room.

It goes without saying that my experience – I was in self-catered halls at a campus uni in the UK – won’t be the same as someone else’s. But hopefully if you’re flapping about moving somewhere new, this list might help, even just a little bit.

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All Cakes Are Created Tasty, But Some Are More Tasty Than Others

I guess this is supposed to be a ‘hello and welcome and please like me’ post as it’s my first, but what better way to make people like you than with cake?

Thank you cupcakes

Thank you most kindly for paying me attention

These cupcakes were made for my aunt as a thank you (could you tell?) using a sticky toffee recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery’s Cake Days book. It’s great for a range of non-run-of-the-mill bakes and the cover is a very pretty colour which is, of course, the only thing that matters when buying anything, right?

Not that I’m plugging or anything, but you can buy the book here, if you’re interested in such things.

My next cake venture came a few days later with the trial run of a gradient cake I will attempt again next week (are we really going to be in September already?! On another note, I love the interrobang (?!) and I love its name. It will undoubtedly feature lots) and it will look much more pretty.

Having made this cake, and having watched the Great British Bake Off last night, I just want to bake my way to calorie heaven.

To keep this post short and sweet I’ll end it here. At least it gets that awkward first hurrah into the world of web-logging (of which blog is a clipping; thank you, £9000 Linguistics degree!) over and done with!