Shadowhunters: This Blog Inverted

Ep 10 review is here! Sorry for the delay. I will attempt to get myself in gear and get back to posting regular reviews once I get back to uni. Spoilers below the cut!

  • “Raphael is not the most patient trainer in the shadow world” oh my God guys, just get married already
  • the guy in the morph suit. oh my God the guy in the morph suit. I cried with laughter
  • the au is perfect??? please can we live in this land of sunshine and rainbows forever? I agree with Matt
  • Jace’s swagger is hilarious
  • Meliorn is dead shady
  • “it is…but it isn’t” “what went wrong?” “well, the front fell off”
  • Clary makes a fair point when she asks how much Clary and Jace know about inter-dimensional travel
  • me: “so if Clary finds Valentine in the portal world, she and Jace are gonna go kill him on their own?” housemate: “no, if she finds him she’s gonna come back out, get Jace, go back in to find Valentine again, and then they’re gonna kill him”
  • Valentine is just the king in Reign. I can’t see him as anything else
  • Clary did a really awful job of acting like she’s from the au world. I know she’s in shock at seeing Valentine, her mum etc but still. Way to arouse suspicion
  • the Magnus Bane commercial, what even is this show I love it
  • Java Jace omfg
  • the whole Luke-on-the-run story came to a climax this episode. It was really clever and I enjoyed it a lot!
  • so much Luke Simon interaction in this episode it was fab
  • “I wouldn’t be so cocky about your prowess if I was you” oh Jace you got told
  • HA tarot card foreshadowing
  • the cats!!
  • Clary actually has the cutest giggle ever
  • they’re a brotp ok
  • the malec drinking parallels ooooof
  • so Clary’s necklace is of the au dimension. That means whoever gave it to her is from the au dimension? Didn’t her mum give it to her? IM SO CONFUSED
  • Magnus is wearing a beige cardigan ok. pls
  • the betrayal in Alec’s voice/face/everything over Jace taking the Cup PLEASE STOP
  • Simon is the cutest vampire I swear
  • so much clizzy in this episode
  • flustered!Jace is great. In fact au!Jace in general is much more preferable than regularverse!Jace
  • Hodge looks a lot like Hunter Parrish
  • Malec is canon in every dimension, this is a fact
  • “I’ll be responsible for this one” MY BABES
  • me: “everything’s so cute in this dimension” housemate 1: “until the demon turns up” housemate 2: “in his morph suit”
  • I love that Magnus thinks his cats will help Clary identify him. How damn adorable is this man
  • Jace: “what the hell is that thing?!” housemate 1: “a person in a morph suit”
  • Jace: “no we have to find Valentine” housemate 2: “‘Val’, I think you mean, mate”
  • Clary and Izzy’s dresses were v nice
  • housemate 1: “why is Jace’s shirt open?” housemate 2: “bc he’s been hit by a demon who was trying to undress him”
  • we decided that the Big Brother voice over guy should announce on Shadowhunters too. “Day 45 in Chernobyl. 11:51pm. Jace and Clary are looking for Val.”
  • Jace made a v miraculous recovery as soon as they got to Valentine’s hideout
  • I’m v confused by the Jace’s dad plotline, but hopefully it’ll all be resolved soon
See you for episode 11!

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