Shadowhunters: Netflix Up

Episode 9 is here. Well, it’s been here and gone and we’re now on ep 12. I’ve had a lot of uni deadlines, so that’s my excuse for the slow updates.

Also, because we’ve broken up for the Easter holidays, I won’t be able to watch episodes 11 through 13 until mid-April, because I watch it with my Netflix-account-holding housemates. I have a review for episode 10 to write up but after that it’ll be a couple of weeks before the next one.

Spoilers under the cut.

  • “Jace Wayland is Switzerland”
  • this happened and I enjoyed it
  • I’m not even gonna mention Jace. He’s just being a full on dick at this point. He’s so manipulative and uncaring towards Alec – his parabatai – that I just. Don’t care
  • he finds out Alec’s been injured and they’re rushing back to the Institute and Clace just stop for a casual kiss in the street GET IT TOGETHER GUYS
  • he literally. lies straight to Alec’s face about what he’s gonna do
  • he knows Alec might get hurt when they attack at the end of the ep and Clary gives him the chance to call it off and he’s like NOPE
  • ok so I talked about Jace even though I wasn’t going to but I’ll just say: son, I’m disappointed
  • everyone please take a moment to appreciate Alec’s arms
  • they missed a chance to put in the speedy running and my housemate suggested they’d used up their free trial of SFX
  • jace: “we’re also really great trackers” housemate: “tractors?”
  • I actually really like and respect Lydia
  • but her “I’m just doing the Law” thing went way too far. Her line of thought is basically, ‘well, I wasn’t down with torture before and that may have been one factor of many leading to a tragic thing happening, so now I’m happy to actively lead innocent-until-proven-guilty people to be tortured’
  • like ok. I get that she sees her fiancé’s death as her failing, and she blames herself for it (Alec parallels, anyone?), and now she thinks she’s doing the right thing, or the strong thing (‘I didn’t have the guts’). But she’s advocating a war crime.
  • the writers can’t present Lydia as a sympathetic, likeable character, who is essentially trying to do the right thing by following the Law to the letter, if she uses her position to commit human rights abuses and this isn’t condemned in the narrative
  • (and like, she is shown to be in the wrong, but because she’s doing something that hurts someone Izzy/Jace/Clary know, not because she’s hurting someone full stop)
  • idk, maybe the writers didn’t quite think through the implications of what was going on. But Izzy says something like ’the Silent Brothers could be a death sentence for Meliorn’ and it’s just skeevy
  • when Simon’s fangs ‘grew’ when he was hugging his Mum…those SFX were something else m8
  • Alec: “Lydia and I are engaged” Lydia: “we’re getting married” Housemate 1 and I, in unison: “that’s what engaged means!”
  • vampire!Simon is hot (but 1x10au!Simon is hotter)
  • Clary’s excuse that someone stole her identity is so Bad
  • the music in the background of the Simon/Simon’s mum/Clary scene was really pretty. Can’t we have nice music like that for the title sequence
  • “you drilled into me that I was never good enough” [rips out heart]
  • Lydia: “excuse me?” Meliorn: “you have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?” clearly, Meliorn, or she wouldn’t have been like whaat?
  • of course Jace is happy to let someone be interrogated/imprisoned even if innocent until it affects Clary. Of course
  • “I guess Clary’s bedroom isn’t part of Switzerland?”
  • Clary ‘why would the Clave think I’m working with Valentine’ Fray…I DON’T KNOW, MAYBE ‘CAUSE YOU’RE HIS DAUGHTER
  • oh shit this is the one where Magnus steals Alec’s stele
  • and my house’s hearts collectively shatter
  • how dare you break my heart Harry Shum Jr
  • but also: what is this Lydia/Alec marriage plotline?
  • like. I have mixed feelings on it. The crux of which is: I don’t like the fact that they’ve forced one of their only not-straight characters into a het marriage. I don’t really care that it’s not a ‘proper’ marriage, and I know it shows a lot (which I like – showing, not telling!) about Alec’s willingness to put himself last after literally everything in his life. But. It just…doesn’t sit right with me.
  • this criticism is entirely on an out-of-show level, not in-show
  • and like. Being gay isn’t Alec’s defining characteristic, not by a long shot. but it is important, both in-universe, for his character development, and out-, because there are a real lack of gay characters in our media, and those that are rarely get their happily ever afters – they get killed, instead
  • I can understand if he realises the marriage situation is inevitable (due to his parents) –
  • and here his protective instinct comes out, cause he’s doing it to take some of the heat off Izzy (which is exactly what she’s doing for him, not that there are painful sibling parallels or anything, why do these Lightwood children do this to me)
  • – and then discusses it with Lydia, pointing out that for neither of them it would be marriage of romantic love b/c Lydia still deeply loves her dead husband and Alec has feelings for Jace and/or Magnus – not that he has to tell her this – but that they could have strong bond anyway, that it would unite their families, etc etc
  • ’cause her intuition was that marriage was not Alec’s idea and she encouraged him to take his own path rather than the one his parents want him to go down, but this doesn’t happen
  • I mean, maybe implicitly. It’s kind of presented by Alec as a political thing first
  • and Alec is exercising the small amount of agency he’s been given in this being-coerced-into-a-marriage-by-his-parents situation, and I like that, but
  • whether or not Lydia has guessed about Alec’s whatever-feelings for Magnus, I feel like Alec is partly going into this thinking Lydia thinks it’s a proper marriage (or at least a political marriage that could eventually become a proper marriage) which isn’t really fair on Lydia
  • but I guess I’ll just wait and see, because looking at quotes from Matthew Daddario, the writers, producers etc, they seemed very aware that they didn’t want to go down a stereotypical route, that they wanted to be sensitive, etc…so hopefully
  • (side note: looking at it now, knowing what they’ve done with the storyline, I’m okay with it. But at the time of watching ep9, and tbh, still a little bit, I found it iffy.)
  • Magnus’ facial expressions are everything
  • why is it so bad if the Clave gets the Cup? Genuinely confused about this
  • Clary apologises to Simon by making it all about her and her pain and what she was going through and I’m like ????
  • “we are a new generation of Shadowhunters” there are literally 2 and a half Shadowhunters there at this point
  • my housemate tried to talk about the werewolves and first called them greyhounds, then werefuls. she failed.
  • “Valentine’s trying to destroy the world” NO SHIT JACE
  • the fight between Alec and Jace was actually pretty good
  • (apart from Jace’s hair oh my god how hilarious)
  • his world is collapsing around him and he can’t do anything about it and I cry

This episode was equal parts heartbreaking and annoying.

Ep 10 review should be up soon!


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