Shadowhunters: Major Netflixana

Here’s Shadowhunters ep 7 (already?!) round up.

In other news, I have started reading The Mortal Instruments book 1, City of Bones. I…will wait to pass judgement on it. Spoilers to follow.

  • “I’d be like Beyoncé riding on a dinosaur through Times Square.”
  • I love Simon’s fam
  • but could have done with out the ableist slur chucked in there
  • Izzy ships Malec!!
  • I really really really like the bond between the Lightwood siblings and how much they care for each other. Alec recognises what Izzy’s trying to do re: complete outward-appearance change and Izzy’s totally supportive of Alec
  • I love Magnus
  • I love Luke
  • Clary was less annoying this week and I actually didn’t hate the Jace/Clary storyline
  • thank God the love angle is over. I wanted to punch myself in the face every time it happened
  • Alberto Rosende (Simon) is a Rly Good Actor
  • Izzy and Alec’s reactions to the Jace/Clary kiss are me and my housemate when my other housemate gets with people in the club and our cockblocking fails
  • which amused us highly
  • Maureen is so cute
  • although I can’t help thinking that the whole thing was just Simon ‘proving’ to Jace that there are loadsa girls that like him as he said last week which = gross + also poor Maureen
  • my housemate pre-empted everything Jace was gonna say in the evidence room and is now him
  • I feel like a bad thing to do in a ‘being attacked’ situation is a) split up and b) leave the most inexperienced fighter on their own
  • so when’s that whole big bombshell about Clary having a brother gonna be dropped, and how will it impact on the characters after they find out?
  • wait, that happened already?
  • why did Clary need a lighty thing in the police evidence room if she had a night vision rune
  • Jace “how did you know the demon wasn’t really me” Wayland vs Clary “I didn’t know for sure and stabbed it anyway” Fray
  • but seriously. What was the actual plot-related reason to kill her?
  • when Luke was in her office, my housemate was like, “she’s gonna be a demon, isn’t she?” and I was like, “no, she’s gonna be dead.”
  • and she was.
  • Jace (character) is actually a pretty good actor. Genuinely laughed at his awful boyfriend impression
  • Clary finally got the Cup! Hurrah

So, yeah. Onto episode 8?


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