Shadowhunters: Of Bloggers and Angels

Here’s my round up of thoughts on episode 6 of Shadowhunters. Spoilers under the cut.

  • “We break noses and accept the consequences”
  • [soft chanting] malec malec malec
  • [chanting grows louder] MALEC MALEC MALEC
  • like have you seen how much Alec’s face lights up when he’s around Magnus???
  • Jace is such a dick oh my god
  • I love it
  • I mean what
  • was the whole Simon paying up his side of the bet and saying, ‘It’s okay’ supposed to mean he’s giving Jace ‘permission’ to be with Clary? If so, Gross
  • Clary has a brother! Shocker
  • Ron/Ginny fanfic though so
  • please can we stop with the “this villain wasn’t just consumed with hatred for a group of people but was actually [insert ableist word here]”
  • because this is used enough in the real world to demonise mentally ill people (e.g. after white men commit mass shootings) without still being a thing in fiction as well
  • and I mean the ‘lets blame the actions of an evil man on the woman who once loved him but doesn’t anymore’ thing was a no
  • let’s be clear here: Jocelyn and Luke weren’t responsible for turning Valentine into an evil killer. Valentine was responsible for turning Valentine into an evil killer
  • IZZY BABY dressing like mama lightwood and going against her whole self
  • 😦 😦
  • although I don’t really understand – was it supposed to be so she’s more ‘respectable’ and can attract a ‘better calibre’ of marriage partner so Alec doesn’t have to get married?
  • in the Clary/Jace (Clace?) scene I was like, “I bet Simon walks in” and he walked in like a second later. I got told by my housemate that I should write the show instead
  • Izzy helping Max practice his runes was very very cute
  • what was with Clary’s strawberry jam blood on her forehead. Why didn’t she wipe it off at some point. Ew
  • idk my overriding memories of this episode are numerous flashbacks to people who look marginally like their modern-day counterparts and Magnus Bane just being a babe all over everything
  • I mean I don’t really don’t have that much to say
  • who knew the biscotti was a major plot point
  • genuinely, not me
  • this episode seemed to bounce around all over the place between Lightwoods, flashbacks, Clary and Luke, Jace and Simon, Magnus…and I don’t really remember any of it, hence why there are so few bullet points this time around

On that note, see you next time for episode 7!


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