Shadowhunters: WordPress to Go

Sorry for the delay in posts. As a general blog-keeping update, posts may be a little more sporadic over the next few weeks because my term gets pretty deadline-heavy towards the end and I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on too. Here’s episode 5 of Shadowhunters!

  • “I’m at the Jade Wolf Chinese restaurant on the pier, Green Street, they have really inexpensive cocktails!”
  • we watched this ep drinking wine out of mugs because we’re classy uni students
  • I like Clary’s camouflage leggings to show us she’s in Combat Mode now
  • why was Jace hugging a spear? My housemate suggested he was pretending it’s Clary. “Clary, you’ve been very quiet recently…”
  • IZZY
  • “You’re not on your own. You’re one of us now.” I mean
  • she also has Amazing lipstick
  • I feel like it’s a bit weird that Clary’s friends wanted to hang out at her house just to see her mum
  • housemate: “If I sacrificed my life for someone, I’d be really pissed off if they did it back!”
  • Izzy’s mum seems a little abusive. I’m not that knowledgable about abuse red flags and the like, but she was constantly dismissing and belittling Izzy and devaluing her accomplishments
  • I also feel like her whole speech to Alec about not being able to do what you prefer but what must be done etc had way homophobic undertones
  • “Shadowhunters aren’t big huggers” poor Izzy. I cry
  • Thank you, Jace, for defending Izzy!
  • LUKE
  • Jace is so oblivious. I mean Alec is clearly struggling with something bad and he makes a joke about clothes
  • because they’re Parabatai
  • Izzy: “Mothers are like that.” Clary: “Mine’s not.” I had braces in high school, and so did one of my  friends. Every time we mentioned how badly they were hurting, one of our other friends would say, “I don’t need braces.” Clary, this is an I Don’t Need Braces moment.
  • who wears heels to combat practice???
  • they’ve obviously got a new special effect for the week. It’s like they’ve gone into Windows Movie Maker
  • housemate: “People will notice our actors can’t fight so let’s make it blurry so they can’t tell”
  • I feel like a bad thing to do when you’re told to watch over someone is to stop watching over them
  • that said, why does Jace yell at Alec? He should be angry at Clary for running away imo, but he’s blind to her actions
  • “They expect us to follow orders they don’t follow themselves” – okay, maybe this is explained in the book, but I don’t recall any explicit mentions of Shadowhunter/werewolf rules, and/or examples of where these were broken. The world-building is shoddy, tbh. (It’s like in the book Wool; I didn’t understand where the whole people-rebelling thing came from, and it also felt like a big adventure in The Hunger Games‘ District 13)
  • “Alec, just say it, you’ll feel better!” Yeah, that well-known way of making people feel better by forcing them to come out! Alec’s sexuality is none of your business, Clary
  • I mean, I know it does seem kind of like a primary school comeback, but…Alec and Clary are both in love with Jace
  • during this ep, my housemate realised Valentine is the king in Reign. We only watched one episode and it was even worse than Shadowhunters, but this revelation changed my world for the worse
  • convenient floorboard creaking is convenient
  • why didn’t Clary remember about the box before? Because plot
  • Simon doing his best Neville ‘why is it always me’ Longbottom impression
  • “Who do you call?” GHOSTBUSTERS
  • fireman’s lift = best part of the episode tbh
  • gasp, someone’s helping them by fighting the alpha, I WONDER WHO IT COULD BE
  • I mean, I think Luke’s the priority, Jace, since he’s bleeding out, rather than Clary, but whatevs
  • Alec and Izzy are so done with Jace and I, for one, cannot wait for the fall out

This episode was good and bad. Apparently next week goes more into the Lightwoods’ backstory, so that should be one to watch!


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