Shadowhunters: Blogging Hell

This show is super embarassing, and we’re only on ep 4. Spoilers under the cut.

  • “Come at me, bro”
  • I’m just gonna leave this here
  • Seriously, Magnus became my joint first fave in this ep (tied with Izzy)
  • Alec is hovering in second
  • Jace’s facial expressions are hilarious
  • I worked out who he reminds me of! Freddie Fox! A revelation, frankly
  • This ep seemed to skip all over the place tbh
  • I liked the foreshadowing of Simon’s vampire-ness
  • Simon’s mum is a babe
  • “Izzy, with a body like yours, you can wear anything” – Clary Fray, 2016 (or whatever the actual line was – that’s the gist, and I am also Here For It)
  • Jace/Alec’s Parabatai finding Magnus together thing – more like Two Hot Guys Holding Hands And Staring Meaningfully Into Each Other’s Eyes
  • Thank you, writers, for finally revealing some character motivation (I mean, we’re only four episodes in)
  • The love angle…again…yawn…
  • Clary’s screaming was just. Odd
  • And the Oscar for Best Acting in a ‘Nearly Been Killed By a Demon’ scene does not go to Shadowhunters
  • As this person pointed out, why is the Big Reveal re: Alec’s feelings for Jace a Big Reveal? They’re parabatai, brothers, BFFs, etc, etc…so, surely Alec can love Jace?
  • Maureen is so cute and I really like her (although my housemates say she’s not like the book character)
  • Clary’s reaction to hearing about Dot’s death was actually quite good imo

I don’t have so much to say about this ep. Only that was much better than last week’s. Bring on ep 5!


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