Shadowhunters: The Mortal Ep

I watched the first episode of the TV version of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments the other night with my housemates. I’ve not read the books so I’m approaching this with fresh eyes. Some of the show was slightly embarrassing but some of it was good! Here’s ma thoughts. Spoilers!

  • “This is for my father”
  • Her hair??? Neon orange??
  • Some of the acting was quite bad (Jocelyn’s fall after drinking the potion) but other parts were okay (Clary crying)
  • Literally everyone. Jace. Alec. Isobel. Luke. Clary. Probably others I’ve forgotten. Everyone.
  • The dude playing Jace reminds me of the dude who plays Eric in Divergent
  • I don’t really get why Isobel had to distract the Circle guys by dancing with hardly any clothes on – actually, no, what I don’t get is why the scene was shot so male-gazey (well, I do, but it shouldn’t have been)
  • I quite like the swordy things
  • But some of the other graphics were awful
  • Also, some of the dialogue was so so so excruciatingly obvious – see such gems as, Girl, to Boy in love with her, talking about a Girl in love with him, ‘You don’t realise that someone right in front of you is in love with you!’ and Girl, being lied to her whole existence by her mother, ‘My mom can’t keep any secrets from me!’
  • WHY
  • Not even lazy writing, just painful
  • Talking of secrets, the annoying ‘about to be told something life-savingly important but interrupted for some pointless reason’ trope needs to leave
  • Like, why did Jace keep talking to Clary about randow Shadowhunter stuff when she clearly had no idea what was going on?
  • Also, when he turned up after the monster attacked her, why wasn’t she like, “You murdered people, what the hell are you doing in my house please leave?”
  • Also again, when she woke up in his house after the whole monster attack and fainting thing, why wasn’t she like, “You murdered people, what the hell were you doing in my house, why didn’t you leave, why the hell did you kidnap me?”
  • She just rolls with it! What the
  • Awkward love triangle being set up at the end? Under the guise of ‘go to the police with Simon or go somewhere with Jace and do who knows what’? Reading too much into it?

That said, it was alright for a pilot! I will be watching more. I liked the characters and I’m gonna stick with it.


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