A Pledge, I Pledge

So, the moral of the story is: no one should ever let me run a blog. Who thought that was a good idea?

I wouldn’t be surprised if tumbleweeds start drifting through the pages of charlottewebs, to be honest.

But fear not!

2016 is a new year and a new leaf of code in the HTML book of blogging. And I shall do better. Henceforth, I shall do better.

That was a pledge, in case you missed it.

As well as returning to my Linguistish posts, I’ll be undertaking this reading challenge and scribbling down my thoughts on each book. I didn’t read that much in 2015 (my Goodreads Book Challenge slowly decreased from an ambitious 52 down to a lacklustre¬†‘at least get into double figures, Charlotte?’) and want to work on that.

So there should be more coins in my blog’s coffers come this time next year.

(Resolution for 2017: stop using so many terrible metaphors.)


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