Mockingjay Pt 2: The Girl On WordPress

I went to see Mockingjay Pt 2 yesterday. Since I did a review for SPECTRE, the new Bond film (almost a month ago, whoops), I thought to myself, ‘why not do one for Mockingjay?’ In the same vein as the other review, this is more like an incoherent jumble of thoughts. Sorry.

Also – big apologies about the lack of Linguistish posts. I had a big long draft about IPA saved and then WordPress went and ate it and I cried and I was in the bath.

Spoilers ahead!

  • Fair play to them, after the last film I couldn’t see why they had split Mockingjay into two. But it made sense in this film. I’d forgotten how much happened.
  • On that note, I really appreciated how faithful they were to the book.
  • The only thing I thought didn’t work was how Katniss got to the Capitol (Sneaking onto a plane? Really? She isn’t being watched at all? No one realised she was gone?)
  • IMO they should have added in Johanna’s training and backstory. But time constraints I guess.
  • Gale and Greasy Sae were supposed to dance together at Finnick and Annie’s wedding. Looking at you, Francis Lawrence.
  • Even though I knew what was going to happen to Finnick it still hurt like a brick to the face. It got a little too glossed over.
  • The lizard mutt things were a too human compared to how I’d pictured them.
  • Donald Sutherland is amazing as Snow (the laugh at the end was a teensy bit OTT though).
  • The Haymitch/Effie kiss was just plain ol’ fanservice. The fanficcers will have a ball.
  • Okay so why did they make Katniss walk the entire length of that road thing where they rode the chariots in the first film. Surely she needed to stop and have a rest or something cause it goes on for miles.
  • Katniss’s son was So Cute.
  • But why haven’t films learned from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 epilogue that the kids you get to play teenagers can never look realistically middle aged.
  • Oh God, why oh why did they feel the need to waste screen time on a) a ten second shot of a hovercraft taking off that was purely for the 3D viewers and b) the meaningless love triangle that felt more forced than ever (an achievement).
  • Unrelated to the film, but before the film we got the standard ‘phones off’ message which started with the announcer going, “Hello,” and someone in the audience went, “it’s me”, and everyone laughed.
  • Some of the things were so much better than I visualised! The Holos, man. They were cool.
  • PRIM
  • I MEAN
  • They rushed over that faaar too much. In the book (if I remember rightly) there’s like at least a whole chapter where Katniss is deep in grief, and in the film it was only the bit with Buttercup which made me think she was affected by Prim’s death at all.
  • I don’t get Julianne Moore as Coin. It’s the hair.
  • I mean, she’s alright, nothing against her, but…the hair.
  • “I’m searching for something to hang onto, some sign of the girl and boy who met by chance in the woods five years ago and became inseparable. I’m wondering what would have happened to them…would they have been happy, out in the wild, or would the dark, twisted sadness between them have grown up even without the Capitol’s help?” This quote is still haunts me after five years and the scene was not done justice.
  • The whole happy ending was far less creepy because they didn’t mention that it took Peeta FIFTEEN YEARS to convince Katniss to have kids (????? what is with that @Suzanne Collins)
  • The baby at the end was just bad. It was either Jennifer Lawrence’s nephew or CGI and either way she looked awkward holding it and it was strange.
  • The end line of the book (“There are much worse games to play.”) packed a punch and still gives me chills even now, so why was it done in a floaty-nice-music-in-the-background kind of way?

This film was So Much Better than Part 1. If you felt disappointed with the first half, the second will not let you down. High energy, high action, high emotion: it’s a great finale to the series and I’m impressed. I loved the books when they came out and feel quite precious over them, so I’m glad this film was done in such style.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Here‘s the film on Metacritic.


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