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I went to see the latest James Bond film, Spectre, yesterday evening. I sort of grew up watching Bond films, something I’d do with my Dad when I would visit him at the weekend. It got a bit excruciating as I got older and realised what some of the scenes were about, but he was always there to tell me when to look away if there were any sharks around.

Anyway, here, in a completely unorganised way, is my brain dump of thoughts on Spectre (spoilers ahead!):

  • disliked the theme song (sorry, Sam Smith) but loved the title credits sequence
  • Naomie Harris should have had waaay more lines
  • Voldemort, what are you doing working for MI5 or MI6 or whichever?
  • love Andrew Scott but
  • Andrew Scott is a bad guy? A government agent who is secretly working for the villain? Never saw that plot twist coming
  • the whole thing with the guy in Mexico at the beginning confused me. who was he, a apart from some random assassin, and why was Judi Dench after him? (this may have been explained and I just can’t remember)
  • Daniel Craig has old man hands
  • he’s still got wonderful eyes, though
  • this film is sooo white. where are the characters of colour
  • come on, what was it with the false tension through this film? Bond quite clearly wasn’t going to shoot Blofeld – he’s obviously being set up as the Next Big Villain, so why did they waste a whole load of time pretending he was going to die?
  • the score was amazing
  • I liked Madeleine Swann and I loved Léa Seydoux
  • the links back to other films (the bad guys from all of Craig’s run) were attempting to tie together a lot of threads, but it seemed a little like an afterthought or a greatest hits parade (according to Wiki, the inclusion of Quantum was a retcon, which came through badly)
  • although every reference to Vesper Lynd kills me inside
  • does anyone else think Madeline Duggan (the old Lauren from Eastenders) looks exactly like Eva Green (Vesper Lynd)?
  • as M says to Bond (ish): “as you know, this big new thing is happening in three days”. Bond already knows. That’s why M said ‘as you already know’. LAZY WRITING, IT’S A SIN
  • Q is brilliant and I want to hug him
  • the base in the crater set up reminded me so much of You Only Live Twice
  • oh, and the whole train journey was very From Russia With Love-esque
  • but talking of harking back to the bad old days, Dave Bautista’s hit man seemed like a strange combination of Oddjob and Jaws that really didn’t work (due to the writing, not the acting. Bautista was perfectly terrifying). In fact, he just reminded me of Dalip from Get Smart, to be honest
  • the end was just…flat. Though, in all honesty, will anything ever top the absolutely delicious end scene in Skyfall?

It was a good Bond film, but not great as a stand-alone just a movie in my opinion. There were some good lines, but overall the plot felt a little too put together and predictable. A film that I’d watch again if it was on TV, but I won’t be writing home about it.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Here’s the film on Metacritic, in the interest of fairness.


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